A letter to our Support Coordinator, Megan

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We haven’t been working with Megan for long, but I think she’s absolutely incredible. When Ash was discharged from hospital in December last year I was on my own when it came to figuring out what he needed and then organising everything.

When you’re doing things alone with no experience, support or connections everything moves slowly and it can be really frustrating and tiring. For so long I felt like I was putting Ash at a disadvantage because I was guessing my way through and it was having an impact on his recovery. I had an extreme feeling of guilt and like I wasn’t doing enough to make sure he had the best opportunities possible.

What Megan has done so far has had a massive impact on the way Ash sees himself and his mental health.

It has been such a relief to have someone working with us that really cares about Ash, and also cares about me too. Caring for someone with a brain injury can be a lonely and terrifying experience and until Megan came along I didn’t see an end.

Through Ash’s recovery I became incredibly protective and felt like no one could ever support Ash the way I do, and assumed that a support coordinator would just do what they had to and not much more. I was wrong.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the work that she has already done and I feel safe knowing that she is advocating on Ash’s behalf.

You’re obviously aware of how great she is, but I just thought I’d let you know how amazing I think she is. It’s not often that you come across someone who is genuinely just a good person and I am so grateful to have her on our side.

Tam x

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